Ship Owners and Operators

Ship Owners and Operators

Passenger/Cargo Ferry operating on West Africa route to solve the challenges of high airline freight cost and cumbersome transportation of cargo and passengers by road.

Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc purchases and carries out modifications, fabrications and installations to suit the ultimate use of the charterer.

  • The Storage tanks shall be kept in good condition with no signs of damage or leakage. Evidence of leakage includes discoloration, stains or dead plants around the tank.
  • All tanks shall have proper signage and labels and if needed some for hazard identification (flammable, toxic etc.).
  • An inventory of all tanks shall be kept.
  • Tanks shall periodically be examined for dents, corrosion, and oxidization (indicating possible poor structural integrity).

Shallow draft vessels with ramp which enables vessels to be driven on and off the vessel. It is usually operated at a seaport handling Ro/Ro tonnage.

Vessels used for Liquid Cargo or ballast purposes. The shuttle tanker mainly loads cargo and discharges at another loading storage vessel (mostly an FSO). They are usually hired based on Time or Voyage charter.

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